Answering the Apostasy of Modern bibles and More  
Exposing the apostasy that 71% of pastors have fallen for
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An introduction to sermons, sermons which expose the apostasy that 71% of pastors have fallen for.
Below on this page, for clarity in the Christian walk and for study, are nearly 20 hours of sermons that refute modern Christian apostasy on the subjects of 1) false modern bibles, 2) the pre-tribulation rapture hoax, and 3) the errant hermeneutics of dispensationalism.
Modern bibles are apostasy because they are nothing more than men’s interpretation of the Holy Scriptures. Somewhere along the way men put themselves above God, thinking that the Holy Word was subject to interpretation, that sinful men somehow had the right to correct the Holy God. The Holy Scriptures are to be reverenced for what they are: the Word of God to sinful men. God’s Holy Word is to be translated with accuracy, into the various languages, not interpreted in reference to our finite minds. The Holy Bible must be our Authority, not men's minds, or even our pastor's mind. What we must have in our language is the pure Word of God, the Sole Authority.
In Isaiah 40:8 God promised us His eternal Word, in 2 Timothy 4:17 He stated that all Gentiles (non-Jews) would have it, in Matthew 4:4 He said that we need to live by every word of it, and in Psalm 12:6-7 and Matthew 5:18 He stated that He would preserve it and preserve it perfectly; therefore, logically, and unless God is a liar, His Word must exist for the English speaking people. If we agree that the eternal, inerrant, infallible, inspired, perfect, and preserved Word of God exists for the English speaking people, then would you not like to know which English version it is? Especially since Romans 10:17 states “faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God,” which means that we cannot even be saved without hearing the actual Word of God.  So if our scholarly pastors state that only the original Aramaic, Hebrew, and Greek are inspired by God, that there is no inspired and preserved English Bible, should we believe them?  And if they are correct, then what hope is there for you and me to be saved?  Do you understand those languages?  I do not.  My salvation then becomes nothing more than a delusion of my mind, as would anyone's be who has not heard the Word of God in the original languages.  If we do not have the inspired and perfect Word of God in English, then none of us can be saved according to Romans 10:17.  And if we do not have the inspired and perfect Word of God in English, then that makes God a liar, because God would have failed to keep His promises (see the above mentioned Holy Scriptures); furthermore, if God did not keep His promises, if we do not have the inspired Holy Scriptures in English, then there is no God.
I believe God's promise to give us who speak English His Word.  Logically, if a translation of a text from one language into another has the same meaning, and the original from which it was translated was the eternal, inerrant, infallible, inspired, perfect, and preserved Word of God, then the translation would be as equally inspired as the original text, whether the Word of God was translated into German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, or whatever language.  If the meaning is translated exactly, then the translation is equally as inspired as the original.  So I ask you:  Can a translation be inspired?  Can an English translation be as equally inspired as the Aramaic, Hebrew, and Greek originals?  I say “yes,” and to make my point crystal clear let us look at the original inspired Greek New Testament itself.
The inspired New Testament is written entirely in Greek in the original, which means that Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, Peter, James, etcetera all wrote those words in Greek under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, God using those men to write God's eternal Word, much like you or I might use a pen to write a letter.  In the course of writing the original Greek New Testament, the Holy Spirit quoted the Old Testament nearly three-hundred times, which were direct translations of the Aramaic and Hebrew originals into Greek:  which means that the inspired original Greek New Testament itself is a translation!  Therefore, if a translation cannot be inspired, as pastors that I have talked with have claimed, if a translation from the original Aramaic, Hebrew, and Greek into English cannot be as equally inspired as the Holy Ghost inspired originals, then I submit that neither can the original Greek New Testament be inspired, because the original Greek New Testament contains translations of Old Testament Holy Scriptures.  After examining the evidence and applying logic and common sense, I use the King James Version, and have no difficulty trusting that God fulfilled His promises in providing us who understand English with His eternal, inerrant, infallible, inspired, perfect, and preserved Word, equally inspired as the original Aramaic, Hebrew, and Greek Scriptures.
Just as modern bibles are apostasy, so too are the doctrines of the pre-tribulation rapture and dispensationalism.  They are the doctrines of men, the religious snake oil merchants of the 19th Century who corrupted the eager and willing minds of Christians for either prestige or financial gain.  I say that knowing that once the doctrines of the pre-tribulaton rapture and dispensationalism are honestly and studiously examined under the light of the Holy Scriptures they are revealed as false, for they cannot be found within the pages of the promised and preserved Sole Authority, the Holy Bible.  I do not expect everyone to embrace everything that Answering the Apostasy of Modern bibles and More exhibits, but to reject what is presented based solely on presupposition or doctrinal prejudice, as compared to a studious examination, is foolishness and poor stewardship, which one day must be given an account for to the Lord Jesus.
We have begun this endeavor to reach pastors, realizing we are fighting an uphill battle against the apostasy that is preached from 71% of the Christian pulpits around the World.  The majority of pastors are victims; they have been fooled, trusting in the men who came before them more than the Sole Authority, the Holy Bible.  Through deception and lack of obedient and daily study most pastors have become apostate, because they deny the truth, preferring the false doctrines of men over the Word of God.  These pastors have been deceived, and, naturally, they deceive others, though not intentionally.  Earnestly they teach the doctrines of men, rather than the Word of God; although they are sincere, they are sincerely wrong.  This world-wide ministry's intention is to rescue pastors from the spell of apostasy with the irrefutable truth of the Holy Scriptures.
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I invite you to arm yourself, or, if you are still a victim, to free your mind of modern Christian apostasy by prayerfully listening to the sermons here on Answering the Apostasy of Modern bibles and More.
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