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A recent email sums up what we stand for at Answering the Apostasy of Modern bibles and More, so I have decided to post it here for those of you that may be wondering about us:
Mr. [addressee],
Thank you for your email and your interest in Answering the Apostasy of Modern bibles and More.
Our website, as well as the room on Paltalk, is not about debate.  There are plenty of places on Paltalk for Christians to fight in view of the heathen. Such public displays disgrace the Lord, in my opinion.
71% of pastors, and consequently their flocks, are apostate, believing in 1) counterfeit modern bibles, 2) the pre-tribulation rapture hoax, and 3) the errant theological school of thought known as dispensationalism.  You may not agree, and that is fine.  You may think and do as you like.  As for me, I am not about causing the Lord’s name to be tarnished in front of the unsaved by pointless debate, which only purpose is to inflate the ego of the individuals involved.  In the past I have participated in those debates, and have listened to many of them, but you know what I have never heard?  I have never heard someone reply, “Thank you, brother, for making that Scripture clear to me.  Thank you for showing me the truth.  I understand now.  God bless you.”  And I never will hear anything even similar, because debate is not designed to unify, or teach.  Think about when you learned your ABC’s, did you and the class take turns debating the teacher?  Of course not, because teaching and debate are two different things.  I serve the Lord, and my conduct is to bring me closer to conformity to the image of Christ Jesus, and in the process teach the truth of the Holy Scriptures.  You are welcome to listen, or not, that is up to you, but the environment that I present will be one in which you may learn without the distraction of debate—whether it be spoken or typed on a screen.
The website and the room on Paltalk are not designed to promote me, or to generate money for me (nor does either).  I do it because the truth that is presented is not commonly known. I do it to make the information available.  It is up to Christians to listen and study to determine for themselves whether the information presented is factual or propaganda.  If, after listening, the Lord teaches you that what is presented is true, then you must do something.  Are you afraid to listen and judge for yourself? or are you more concerned about staying where you are? or perhaps you trust your pastor to give you the truth more than the Holy Scriptures written by Almighty God?  If Christians like you will not even listen to our room with an open mind for more than five minutes so that you may grow in the Lord, then neither would you listen to debate.  Hundreds of listeners enter my room and then leave within 10 seconds, they are not searching for answers; they are spoiling for a fight, interested in only debate—not truth.  I am not interested in being a part of that, for debate is simply about you showing off your biblical knowledge, rather than teaching truth.  If you want to share your biblical knowledge with others there are better ways to do it than debating; for instance, you could open your own room and teach a Bible classroom, like an adult Sunday school.  Frankly, debate is a waste of your time, especially if you are knowledgeable about the Bible.  Your time would be much better spent teaching others, and inspiring others to read and study their Bibles.
Only 29% of Christians are not in the darkness of apostasy.  See for yourself:  try to find a Christian who does not believe in either modern bibles, the pre-tribulation rapture, or dispensationalism. Nearly every Christian you will talk to believes in one, two, or all three of these apostate teachings.  I am attempting to be part of the solution. It is my desire to inspire Christians to study the Holy Bible, and to educate themselves on important matters related to Christianity, the most important (after salvation and obedience in baptism) being the Word of God.  It is my goal to help Christians realize that, standing out uniquely from among Satan's counterfeit bibles, there is only one English inspired, preserved, and promised Holy Scriptures.  The Bible is the most basic of Christian needs:  to have the Word of God, the Sole Authority for doctrine and practice in the Christian life.
Thank you again for your email.
Proclaiming the truth world-wide and 24 hours per day, because the truth cannot be refutedonly denied,
Brian W. Schrader Heb.6:15
In addition to what I have posted, I will include a few biographical details about me:

I am Brian W. Schrader.  At the age of 18 I began my journey toward God with the decision to begin reading the King James Bible, which was either a baptism gift or Christmas present from my Grandmother Schrader.  One night in 1982, after nearly two years of daily Bible reading, I read a tract of God’s simple plan of salvation in my room, and there asked God to save me.


I continued to read the Holy Bible daily, and in 1986 I began attending Gospel Light Baptist Church in Marion, Iowa, where I was baptized later that year, in obedience to the Lord.  One year later, with the church teens and young adults, I attended Youth Conference at the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, where, after the preaching of the late Dr. Jack Hyles, I went forward to dedicate myself to the service of the Lord; however, it was not a call to preach.  In the summer of 1988 I returned to Youth Conference with the church as a youth counselor; in the fall I began attending Hyles-Anderson College as a freshman.


From 1988-1991 I attended Hyles-Anderson College.  While there I taught 4th grade boys D Sunday School, for two years, and also drove for Division 12 on bus route 155 to Joliet, Illinois for nearly the entire time I was at college.  The biggest Sunday attendance on our bus route was 200 kids and adults, which we brought to the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana (40 miles distance one way).


While taking classes at Hyles-Anderson College I was mocked and joked about by my peers for daring to live right and follow the rules of the college.  I spent nearly three school years and two summers there, but finally departed in April of ’91 without a degree but with a wife (praise the Lord).


During all this time, like most Baptists, I had believed in the pre-tribulation rapture; however, to my shame, I had never studied the topic, even though throughout this time, since the age of 18, I had daily read the inspired, perfect, preserved, and promised Word of God.


27 years since my salvation, in the fall of 2009, my fourth cousin, Don Stien, asked me a question that would change my life, for my journey out of apostasy began with his one innocent question:  “Brian, why do you believe in the pre-tribulation rapture?” In Matthew 7:7 the Holy Bible states “Ask and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you,” so I sought and I knocked.


After examining the topic of the pre-tribulation rapture under the light of Holy Writ, I was amazed to discover that it was false doctrine. Once enlightened I was able to recognize who had been directing the show from behind the curtain; I saw the script, the set, the lighting, the actors, and the make-believe that the majority of Christians had not only fallen for but were the eager cast and crew in Satan’s production known as modern Christianity. With amazement I understood that Satan was the mastermind behind modern bibles, the pre-tribulation rapture, and dispensationalism. Christians had been indoctrinated so thoroughly that they fiercely defended the false bibles, the false doctrine (dispensationalism and its pre-tribulation rapture), and the mythological Septuagint (LXX) (Thank you, Dr. Peter Ruckman, for revealing the hoax).


With the spell of apostasy broken, plus the realization that 71% of Christianity was against me, I was feeling depressed and alone.  After weeks of reading essays, listening to audio, and watching video on the Internet my first success came when I followed a link to a sermon by Pastor Sam Adams refuting the pre-tribulation rapture at Sermon  Being encouraged by that success, I had the bright idea to search Sermon for sermons with the word “rapture” in the title.  As I listened I became hopeful, for I found that I was not alone after all!   Pastors, whom (like me) had also discovered what was behind Satan’s curtain, were using the Holy Scriptures to expose the false doctrine, and were sharing it for the benefit of the rest of us who the Lord was leading out of apostasy. We are indebted to men like Pastor Sam Adams of Independence Baptist Church in Belleview, FL, Pastor James C. Gallagher of Clayville Assembly Baptist Church in Foster, Rhode Island, Reverend Stephen Hamilton of Lehigh Valley Free Presbyterian Church in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Reverend John Greer of Ballymena Free Presbyterian Church in Ballymena, Northern Ireland United Kingdom, Pastor Scott Campbell of Banner of the Cross Baptist Church of Huntsville, AL, and the anonymous speaker at the Underground Christian Network:  men whom have exposed the apostasy of either 1) modern bibles, 2) the pre-tribulation rapture, 3) dispensationalism, or 4) Calvinism.  I am not stating that I endorse every word that comes out of the mouths of these men (for instance, Pastor Gallagher believes the error of Calvinism, Pastor Campbell believes the ridiculous claim that Easter is a pagan holiday, and Pastor Adams believes in the error of Eternal Security [Calvinist doctrine]), but I do acknowledge their progress in coming out of apostasy and for shining a spotlight on the apostasy that they have recognized in their own lives for the benefit of the rest of us.  


We who dared to sound the alarm by calling the three most popular modern English bibles, the New International Version (NIV), the New American Standard Version (NASV), and the New King James (NKJ), counterfeits were branded as “nuts” and “heretics,” and accused of being “divisive” and of “doing the work of Satan.”  Modern Christianity seems to hold compromise and fellowship in higher esteem than God’s truth.  Our fellowship is based in Christ and on the truth of the Sole Authority, the Holy Scriptures, so if some of us expose the false doctrine you are peddling as the truth of the Word of God, then I suppose we might come across divisive—as I suppose Elijah might have seemed a bit divisive to the prophets of Baal when he challenged them in 1 Kings 18.  I defy anyone to show me in the Holy Bible chapters and verses that demonstrate that we are to fellowship with those who teach false doctrine—intentionally or ignorantly.  If fellowship rather than truth is the highest priority in the Christian life, then please explain to me why the Holy Scriptures state in 2 Corinthians 6:17 “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing:  and I will receive you,” or why in Ephesians 5:11 it is written “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them,” and why 1 Timothy 5:20 states “Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear,” and also why Titus 1:13b states “Wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they be sound in the faith”?  Every modern Christian who is a victim of Satan’s newfangled version of Christianity is a hypocrite (even those I had gone to college with) when it comes to sticking to their “compromise for the sake of fellowship” guns, for pastors were quick to sight Titus 3:10, and then immediately separate themselves from me without actually confronting me first as the verse of Holy Scripture commands—simultaneously betraying their own compromise doctrine and rebelling against the commandment of the Word of God.
These modern Christians, unfortunate victims of Satan’s apostate Christianity, have no interest in examining any idea that deviates from the indoctrination they embrace as truth, refusing to read, listen to, or watch anything that contradicts the teaching of the graduates of the Seminary of Satan.  These poor sheep, who with love and loyalty trust their shepherd, choose to believe lies, and refuse to consult the Holy Writ to determine whether or not they have been fooled.  Some of their pastors are false prophets, or wolves in sheep’s clothing, but many of those pastors are themselves innocent victims of Lucifer’s professors, pastors, radio preachers, Bible teachers, and Sunday school teachers; it is them, the deceived shepherds and sheep, whom I am trying to rescue from the misconceptions, the false doctrines of men, that have been planted in their minds.  They have started down the wrong path, and I (and others around the world) attempt to bring them back into the fold of Christ Jesus, yet these victims fight against the truth because their minds have been blinded by the indoctrination they received at church or Bible college.  They are victims of Satan to be pitied, of whom 2 Thessalonians 2:3a foretold, “Let no man deceive you by any means:  for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first,” and also 1 Timothy 4:1 states, “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.”
Although I am vilified for attempting to show these misguided Christian Bible teachers, professors, and pastors and their flocks the way they should go, I must do what my conscience dictates.  Thus the result of my study has now become this website, making the escape from apostasy easier for those that visit and listen than it was for me.  I invite you to pursue God and truth by listening to the sermons, reading the essays, watching the videos, and skeptically searching the Holy Bible for yourself, so that as you embrace God and truth through His Word you will free your mind from the deception of apostasy, Satan’s bondage; for the dire path of apostasy leads away from God and ultimately into Hell (Deuteronomy 7:4; Deuteronomy 28:20; John 15:6; Hebrews 3:12-14; Hebrews 6:4-6; 2 Peter 2:20-22).
Proclaiming the truth world-wide and 24 hours per day, because the truth cannot be refutedonly denied,
Brian W. Schrader Heb.6:15